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Bitter Sweet

2020 has been interesting to say the least. 

It’s been full of twists and turns.

The unexpected.

Now I hear the saying “well, it is 2020.”

You could consider 2020 to be an unfavorable year. 

Can you be led to unfavorable situations and not become bitter? 

Can you drink from a bitter pool and not let the water make you bitter on the inside too? 

We all have unfavorable situations in our lives. To say that seems redundant. Seriously, though it seems like this year is full of them. 2020 seems to kick us when we are down and then come back to kick us over and over again. 

Making sure that we don’t get up. Hopeful that we will stay full of fear, anger and hate.

2020 seems to have a never-ending faucet of bitterness.

Can we push forward towards the last months of this year without allowing all of the bitterness of 2020 to infect the inside of our hearts and souls? 

Can we look back and find the hidden gems of joy throughout 2020? Yeah it was rough but there had to have been good things! 

I asked my boys to tell me three things that they enjoyed about 2020. We can complain until we are blue in the face but what good does that do? 

Some of their joy statements went like...

  • Summer technically started in March!
  • We’ve slept in since we started remote learning!
  • We got to go to Las Vegas before COVID started!
  • Levi started his first year of wrestling, competed in two tournaments and earned a bronze and silver medal!
  • Baseball started again, and Bryan hit his first home run! 
  • We got to go to Atlanta this August before school!
  • The boys got new skateboards!
  • Bryan got to drive the pickup during harvest, and Levi got to drive the ranger! 
  • We had friends in the neighborhood that we could hangout with and feel like normal kids again!

This shorter list of what they were happy to experience this year got me thinking about myself and as an adult experiencing less that favorable situations. 

What were my bitter pools? 

Could I reset my outlook and find joy?

Bryan had been struggling with migraines this whole year and he is finally on a preventative medication that is helping! 

Baseball started again in May which helped to normalize life a little. Baseball can be frustrating especially because I know Jason would love to coach if he could see- obviously that isn’t an option. Bryan has been exposed to a level of baseball though that continues to push and help him get better. We are grateful he plays where he does now. He would have never grown as much as he has if we were still where he played last summer. 

My sister and her fiancé were able to come back in June for 3 weeks! It was good to love on them and spend much needed time with my sister. 

Sweet baby Mav joined our family! While it was different to meet my new nephew over FaceTime, we are so grateful for his precious life! 

So many events to look back on and find joy in! Though that joy is only found when I go searching for it. 

It can be easily lost in the push and pull of each day, as well as the overall feel of 2020. 

There is so much going on this year. So much we can’t control. So much fear, anger, and hate projected at us on a daily basis. 

What a bitter pool we have all been led to in one way or another. 

What’s going to stop us from becoming bitter on the inside? 

Can you look at the first part of 2020 and find joy? Even if it’s something small! 

If you found one small joy, can you find another? 

I’m pushing forward and convinced that my later days are better than my former days. 

My glory days aren’t behind me! 

They are before me! 

Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash 


  1. Love this! Thank you 💕💕💕

  2. Kelsi... As always this is beautiful!! I read Philippians 4:8 this morning and I was again reminded to keep my thoughts on the positive, the good, the beautiful, the honorable. Thank you for the encouragement to not drink from bitter waters.


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