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Bitter Sweet

2020 has been interesting to say the least. 
It’s been full of twists and turns.
The unexpected.
Now I hear the saying “well, it is 2020.”
You could consider 2020 to be an unfavorable year. 
Can you be led to unfavorable situations and not become bitter? 
Can you drink from a bitter pool and not let the water make you bitter on the inside too? 
We all have unfavorable situations in our lives. To say that seems redundant. Seriously, though it seems like this year is full of them. 2020 seems to kick us when we are down and then come back to kick us over and over again. 
Making sure that we don’t get up. Hopeful that we will stay full of fear, anger and hate.
2020 seems to have a never-ending faucet of bitterness.
Can we push forward towards the last months of this year without allowing all of the bitterness of 2020 to infect the inside of our hearts and souls? 
Can we look back and find the hidden gems of joy throughout 2020? Yeah it was rough but there had to have been good things! 
I asked my boy…