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Just Dreaming

Dreams, goals, aspirations.
We all have them, some may be small or large. Either way we have them.
I was told a couple years back that it was time for me to dream again. I was taken back by it at first, what are my dreams? I couldn’t answer the question. I don’t have time for dreaming or at least I didn’t. 
I was thinking about this blog today, about what I needed to write next. The day was kind of crazy, since October it’s been kind of crazy. Things breaking - big things, and not little, inexpensive things. Things that were not budgeted for and darn it we are trying to pay off the kitchen update and Suburban. The faucet is leaking, not just a little anymore and we can’t put off buying a new one any longer. Both front windshields on our vehicles grew massive cracks in the cold, and the Impala’s had to be completely replaced. 
The bedroom fan motor all of the sudden just stopped during the night, and we use that fan even when its below zero outside! Oh and our vacuum, stopped suddenly …