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It’s Time Now

Moving forward, maybe.   To be totally honest I remember things in bits and pieces. Most of the two and a half months I spent with Jason in the hospital were the same. We did most of the same things every day; most of the milestones memories were based on just that, his milestones and improvement.

The beginning of our journey in Bethesda Naval Hospital was about a month long. He spent equal time between the ICU and the third floor.  The third floor was preparation for him to be transferred out of the hospital to a facility that could help him rehabilitate.

Surgeries mark most of the memories of Bethesda. Jason has had two craniotomies, surgery to remove shrapnel from his brain, face and remaining eye. Shunts were placed to help release pressure from brain due to his traumatic brain injury. He no longer has the right frontal lobe of his brain. Surgery to place a tracheostomy and a feeding tube. He was left missing eight teeth; five on top and three on bottom. Massive open wounds on hi…