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Hit Rewind Pt. 2

So I left you hanging, I understand it's not much fun. It's not much different from what was happening as we played the waiting game. What was going on with Jason and when would I get to be with him? Twenty-four hours passed and the information received had changed little.

I know there was one phone call that added to the first, explaining that Jason no longer had an eye, that he was blind, and still very unstable. As a result, I remember sitting at a large desktop computer after that call, searching for and researching eye transplants. Days later Marines show up at the door; a phone call was received minutes before the doorbell rang and this was to be just a prep visit.

I sat on an ottoman that day across from these men as they informed us of what was happening. It's weird because I don't remember what they said in full sentences, just keywords. Jason's brain was swelling, blood, pneumonia, no eyes, not responding to meds, and dying. It was another one of those mo…